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Audio Prompts - These include Auto Attendant Prompts and Greetings to enhance the professionalism of your company.

What are they? - Think of a recent call you made where a professional recorded voice answered with a friendly and informative greeting: "Thank you for calling the XYZ Corporation... To reach our Sales Department Press 3, for Accounting Press 4, or stay on the line and you will be connected with a representative." These are known as "Auto Attendant Voice Prompts" or "IVR" (Interactive Voice Response). These prompts can be provided by one of our professional voice artists!

Also consider a more consistent sound to your phone navigation with a professional voice greeting your callers reaching a Voice Mailbox. Rather than "Jeff" telling the caller to leave a message when calling his voice mailbox, our voice greets the caller informing them that they've reached Jeff's voice mailbox, that he's out, to please leave a message and he'll return the call shortly. It's like Jeff having his own secretary even though he doesn't (click here for an audio demonstration).

Many telephone systems either already have the capability of Auto Attendant playback and call transfer (known as "call handling"), or it can be added... or we can update yours. There are also systems designed for small to medium sized businesses, both home based or office based that include Auto Attendant, Call Handling and Voicemail, like TalkSwitch. We're experienced in creating prompts for TalkSwitch, Panasonic, Vodavi, AT&T/Lucent systems, and about any system that has this capability. Just contact a representative.

If your system doesn't offer "remote load," we can provide these files for you in WAV, VOC, VOX, VAP, Dialogic ADPCM, PCM, SND, SAM, Real Audio mu-law and more. Check with us for details and availability.

We provide Telephone Message On-Hold promoting your companies products and services to callers holding. To learn more click here.
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