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Even if you know nothing about a Telephone Audio Message On Hold - here's the simple process:
1. Script Writing  - We'll ask you to supply us with information about your company, including products, services, accomplishments, hours of operation and other pertinent information. Not all topics apply to all businesses so you will answer what is. We even provide a link for you to fill out a questionnaire and submit the information on-line. What could be easier? You'll have as much opportunity to add, subtract and correct any of the written script as you need.
2. Music Selection  - We provide you with a special password protected link that opens up our music library to you! You'll be able to audition slices of selections in different genres, tempos, textures and styles. If you like, we'll help point you in the right direction. You're sure to find just the right background music. Keep in mind that your music license fees have been covered by us with no additional royalties down the road. We can also accommodate your request for specific sound effects or even incorporate your company commercial or jingle.
3. Voicing  - Our voice artist then records your script. While about 90% of our recordings are male voiced by Nevada Broadcasters Hall Of Fame member: Gregg Powers, we're happy to offer a female voice as an option! Here again we cover lifetime licensing of your voice talent for this production with no royalties down the road. Remember, this production is a "buyout!"
4. Production - Now that we have the script, voice and music, we'll produce your Telephone Message On-Hold in our Multi-Track Digital Editing Suite. You know... information about your company, a slight pause, then more information, with your music selection mixed "behind" the voice throughout the entire production. When your production is completed we email you an Internet link for you to audition on-line. During this phase you'll have the opportunity to suggest any necessary changes or corrections and finally approve your production.
5. Transfer to Media - That's it! Your final mix is transferred as a "master" to the media of your choice (example: CD or Cassette). We keep the actual "master" in our audio vault for future updates. Your production is now shipped and ready for you to start using. Remember, you own your production for life without ever having to pay another loyalty or license fee for the life of this production. As always - we offer complete customer satisfaction and make it right for you.
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