Professional Message On Hold recordings
Getting Started with
Message On-Hold
and Voice Prompts
  OK, let's get you set up with an audio message for your telephone "On-Hold"
feature or other voice prompts for your Auto Attendant Greetings. Click the links in
the boxes below, or the corresponding links in the above navigation to find out more.

In our Message On-Hold area we discuss the simple process of creating a Telephone Message. Our creative writing department will take your ideas and turn them into a great script. Our professional vocal artist will voice your production and finally our mixing engineers combine the elements for a professional on-hold message.
Our Audio Prompts and Other Voicing area deals with Auto-Attendant prompts and greetings. You know... "Thank you for calling Message for Sales, press 1... for Support, press 2, etc." We also create voicemail and mailbox greetings. Check this area for whatever you need in the prompt/voicing department.
In our Audio Demos area you will hear actual samples of our work. We include both On-Hold and Voice Prompt demos.
Finally, visit our Production Pricing area. Find out about our affordable prices for professional "buyout" corporate sounding On-Hold messages, Auto Attendant prompts, voicemail, mailbox and other greetings.
Remember, even if you don't have a music/message on-hold input to your phone or phone system, or perhaps not even a Hold Button - we can help in our Equipment/Interface area.

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