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Scenario: You want to play a message to your callers promoting all of your great products and services while they are on hold. You may want to give an impression that your not a one employee company operating out of your garage. You should get credit for your hard work and company growth even though the Venture Capitalists or that IPO has not yet arrived. Keep in mind the all important first impression to your callers, whether you have one employee or you're a Fortune 500 company.

The problem: Your phone DOES NOT have an audio input for anything like that, or worse... your phone doesn't even have a HOLD BUTTON! Perhaps you were surprised to learn that your new phones or system that boasts the "auto attendant" feature does NOT have an audio input for an On-Hold message...

The solution: Contact us! We'll let you know which device works with your phone or system (there are many) to add a HOLD feature and/or to add an AUDIO input to accept your Message On-Hold. Even phones from the Dollar Store can have a solution to Message On-Hold.

In addition to On-Hold solutions, we have a line segregator that allows you to share a single Telephone KSU between multiple companies while each company benefiting from their own on-hold message. We'll help you get setup with auto attendant options, voice mail and more.

We work with Premier Technologies, Skutch, Nel-Tech Labs, IntelliTouch, Viking and others to bring you the right device at the lowest possible cost. Tell us your situation, we'll do our best to help.

We can help you interface on-hold audio with AT&T, Lucent, Bell, GE, Panasonic, Radio Shack, Northern Telecom, Pac Bell, South Western Bell, Sprint, Uniden, Vtech, TT Systems and just about any telephone out there!
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