Professional Message On Hold recordings
Bogen ProHold Pro4
Digital - Auto-Load
Record/Playback Device
In addition to our Message On-Hold recordings and a wide variety of new digital equipment we also have our "Lab-Certified" Pre-Owned Digital Message On-Hold Recorder/Player (below) to save you a tremendous amount of money!
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List New: $499    Your Price: $195 !
(only $185 if purchased with a custom production)
Please check for availability
• Sampling Frequency: 64 KBPS
• Memory Capacity: PRO4 - 4 minute
• Power Supply: 12V from 120V AC
• Cassette Mechanism: High-quality mechanism
• Fully automatic operation
• Spring-loaded tape door
• Self-adjusting tape guides for correct tape   orientation
Outputs Available
• 600-ohm transformer balanced
• 1 watt into 8 ohms
• Power on/off • Speaker on/off • Volume
• Trigger (jack included. 2.5mm plug optional)
• Self-diagnostic test shows blinking
• LEDs for Power, Play and Load
• Dimensions: 9-5/8" x 6-3/4" x 3-3/8"
• Wall mounting; hardware included
• Feet included for desktop mounting

(4 minute message capacity)

These Lab-Certified Pre-Owned Digital devices include a tremendous savings when compared to purchasing new. We include a 1 year repair/replace warrenty along with all of the extras you would receive if buying new (read more about our process of Lab-Certification below).

Maximum Ease of Use
Simply insert a cassette... the ProHold automatically assesses the audio start and stop points, sets the record levels, digitally downloads and goes into play mode. Changing messages is as easy as inserting a new tape. When the ProHold downloads the new tape program, it automatically erases the previous program.

Excellent Sound Quality
The ProHold announcers achieve a full 64 KBPS digital toll quality sampling rate for the most superior on-hold sound quality available. A specialized audio editing circuit creates seamless audio with no dead air.

Digital Reliability
Since the digital circuitry has no moving parts, playback is extremely reliable. The built-in tape mechanism is only used while loading is in progress, and is not subject to the constant wear of traditional tapebased systems.

Built-in Program Memory Backup
If power to the unit should ever be interrupted, the ProHold will automatically reload the program from the tape left in the unit.

1Year Repair/Replace Warranty

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Purchase this player and receive our on-hold courtesy message for only $10 more (a $49 value).

We also sell any of the Premier Technologies and OnHold Plus units pre-owned or factory new. Contact us for today's lowest price.

  About our Pre-Owned Bogen Digital Recorder/Playback "Auto-Load" units  
All Pre-Owned Digital units have been specially hand-selected in our offering to you. These Pre-Owned devices have been cleaned and sanitized, then electronically and mechanically restored to "new" condition and certified by our own lab. While they may show light surface use they look near new and in many cases brand new, plus most importantly they sound & work perfectly new. We back them up with our one year repair/replace warranty and they should give you years of dependable service. These units list for hundreds more if purchased new, so you can see just how much you are saving by purchasing "Pre-Owned." We include a user's manual, AC "wart" power supply, audio connecting wire, adapter plugs & jacks, rubber feet (wall mount or desktop), wall mount template and wall mounting hardware... all the "extras" as if you had purchased new. These units are complete and may be branded with the Bogen, ProHold or the AT&T name.

Connecting to your PBX/KSU Key phone system or other interface is so simple that in almost every case there is no need to ever call your phone maintenance person. We even offer limited telephone support for free, if even necessary. Once connected to your system's audio input (MOH) jack you simply open the ProHold transport door, drop in your audio cassette, close the door and walk away. The unit's microprocessor loads the audio once into internal "Digital" memory to be electronically "looped." The only time your transport is utilized is during the initial load or reload procedure allowing for years and years of trouble free service.
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