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At, we not only voice and produce your Message On-Hold and Auto Attendant recordings... we also can handle your needs for phone equipment, Digital Players and Interface units. We carry a complete line of Message On-Hold recorders/players, interface units to add a Message On-Hold input to your consumer style telephones and even a hold button if your phone doesn't have one! Contact us for any unit you might be aware of or are trying to find a better price on. Our manufactures' lines include the very popular Premier Technologies' USB1200, Hybrid 7100/7600 and other models including the ADL3000/3100/HiFi series, OnHoldPlus OHP6000/6500 and OHP8000 Nel-Tech Labs Messenger (and others). We even offer Lab-Certified and warranted Pre-Owned equipment (please call for availability), including Premier Technologies, Bogen Communications ProHold Series including the ProHold/Pro4, Viking Electronics Digital Voice Announcers, Nel-Tech Labs SoundBrick, Interalia SMU, DMU, MMU and many more. Contact us with any questions or for pricing.
Premier Technologies
USB1200 /MP3

Premier Technologies
Hybrid 7100/7600


While our Message On-Hold productions can be played on any standard CD player, these Digital Players are immune to power bumps and outages, and can last for years and years without maintenance.

Click on the Premier Technologies USB 1200 "MP3 Autoload player for a KSU/PBX system (also kiosk or phone Analog Interface) or the Hybrid 7100/7600 for Internet Accessable audio loading (also kiosk or phone Analog Interface) .

The OHP 6000 loads an MP3/WMA audio file via a Secure Digital Memory Card or through a USB cable, designed to play back to a KSU/PBX style phone sysem. The OHP 6500 includes an integrated Analog Interface for Small Office/Home Office phones that are not required to be connected to a larger KSU/PBX system.
The OHP 8000 loads via a MP3 loaded USB Jumpdrive.

Keep in mind that we can work directly with the manufacturer, so no matter if you need one piece, or a thousand pieces, we'll get you the lowest price. If you need more than one unit, call or email for a special quote. Large quantity is no problem. If you think you got a better price somewhere else, present us that legitimate quote and we will try to beat it. We can also give you quotes on other Digital Playback equipment like Viking, Nel-Tech, Skutch and more. Just ask us.

The OHP 6000/6500 for
KSU / PBX Systems or
"Stand Alone" phones
The OHP 8000 for
KSU / PBX Systems

Our Bogen Pro4 Pre-Owned units include our One Year Repair/Replace warranty. These are the "Auto-Load" style, where you simply drop in the audio cassette, close the door and walk away. The ProHold knows to play the cassette once and download audio into its internal "computer" memory for seamless looped playback without further burdon on the cassette transport unit until the next update! How much can you save? List New: $499  Our Price: $195 ! And, if you're purchasing one of our Custom Message On-Hold productions we'll give you another $10 discount. Just $185 !!! Click Here for more details on the ProHold Pro4.

We have a wide array of Interfaces that allow you to add Message On-Hold to your non-equipped phones and systems and many other solutions for you as well, from voice mail, auto attendant and more. Contact us to learn just what device you'll need for your style of phone, even if you bought it from the "Dollar" store. Learn more by clicking here.
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